why does the E-M1's video get dissed?

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The E-M1 is excellent for casual videos

William Porter wrote:

Why not?

What doesn't the E-M1 do that some recent Panasonic camera can do? And who does this matter to?

I'm really, really not a video guy. I know next to nothing about the subject so keep that in mind. So, as not-a-video-guy, I've really started to use my E-M1 to make short videos of my daughter and family at various events. The biggest thing that has prompted me to do this is the IBIS. I really dislike jittery family videos and, having watched a friend who is an AD in the film industry set up a charity commercial shoot, I had no urge to do or learn what was required to get true professional quality video. But the IBIS is like magic for neophytes like me. I really just want acceptable videos and the E-M1 nails that and then some. The zoom/crop feature is great too...I managed to make a decent video of my daughter's birthday party and it was smooth, jitter-free and had nice closeups of all the kids who were invited. Quality was far beyond what was required for my purposes.

I have no doubt that Panasonic is superior in basically every way save IBIS. But for a guy like me, exactly zero of the Panasonic advantages come into play and the one Oly advantage is huge. So there ya go, it's great someone who knows nothing, has little urge to learn and whose final goal is to email a reasonably sized file.  But if you know something about video or are serious about learning more, the GH3/4 are probably the cameras to consider.

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