Fuji RAF files are bigger than the JPG...cropping!

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Re: Fuji RAF files are bigger than the JPG...cropping!

It is not a crop problem. Most all RAW converters are using the Fuji lens corrections and Faststone isn't.

See how the table is curved in your first image? That is with FastStone, Correct? it isn't doing any distortion corrections.

Are you getting Less in the image than what is being shown in the viewfinder or the LCD screen.

Here is a series of shots. First is the Jpeg from the camera, second is the RAF converted to Jpeg, third is a Picture of the LCD screen before the shot was take and forth is a shot of what the LCD displays by viewing the shot.

OOC Jpeg.

RAF converted to Jpeg for posting.

What is displayed on the LCD before the shot was taken.

What is displayed when Viewing the shot.

In all honesty they all look the same. Even what is displayed on the LCD screen before and after, when viewing, the shot.

Sorry to say but you are making way to much out of this and you are using the wrong viewing program.

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