Fuji RAF files are bigger than the JPG...cropping!

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Re: Fuji RAF files are bigger than the JPG...cropping!

Yep...look at the difference in the coffee table, the curvature is gone in the j-peg.  BTW not all fuji lenses digitally correct.  But both zooms do.  The 14mm for example is corrected optically.

photogeek wrote:

That's because it's not the "right size". Your camera applies digital distortion correction to JPEG. It also puts correction information into the RAW file, so if your software can take advantage of it (which it will, in the case of LR or Aperture at least), it will be applied to your conversion.

This makes it possible to create smaller/lighter lenses. Fuji designs them under-corrected, and uses digital correction.

David Strachan wrote:


I'm having trouble viewing my full sized RAF files from my XE-1. Only FastStone shows them at the right size.

Even in Silkypix the RAF file crops to the JPG size. So I cannot convert anything in RAF at full size...the JPG is always cropped on the top and bottom, and on the sides.

See below...

I've done some considerable web searching...but cannot find much about crop/size/display problem.

As I say even the native converter, Silkypix Raw File Converter Ex, does not open or even display for work, the full size raw file...always crops to JPG size.

I prefer the perspective from the RAF vs the reduced JPG size. The wider and deeper RAF files look more to work with and distortions are easy to work with now in PP.

I'm aware there is a workaround in Lightroom, which unfortunately I am on CS4 so the latest raw decoders for Fuji don't work. I've tried Lightroom several times but always take it off my computer.

Can we do an experiment...

Perhaps someone would like to open a Fuji RAF in the latest Lightroom, to see if it shows full image??

Can anyone offer advice?? Or thoughts on this matter? I want my full image file back!!!

Is there a way to work with the full image??

Your advice sought with thanks.

cheers Dave S

PS image from one actuation of shutter JPG+RAF, Fujinon 18mm f2 @ f2.0

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