Have you ever cast a vote in thumbnail view?

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Brian in Montana
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Re: Not really...

mschf wrote:

Brian in Montana wrote:

mschf wrote:

Brian in Montana wrote:

No. Voting based solely on the thumbnail disregards 80-90% of the "quality" of the photo.

That depends. Some topics require a magnified look-see, most don't. Often the thumbnail is enough to tell you that an entry is crap, no matter how "quality" it is technically.

Respectfully, I have not observed this in the challenges I have looked through or voted on (though this is only a few dozen at this point). In all cases I am familiar with, objective measures such as focus, DOF and inclusion/exclusion of distracting elements cannot be discerned with any certainty by looking at the thumbnail.

Yes, that's why I wrote that some topics do require a magnified inspection of the image, ie. topics where images are expected to demonstrate some kind of technical goodness (say, landscapes, birds..... and so on). Personally I don't bother voting on those kinds of images, I find them boring and pointless. I prefer to look at images with substance a.k.a. emphasize some sort of context rather than the technical stuff.... and it's exactly with those kinds of photos that a thumbnail is more than sufficient in determining whether it's going to be a decent image or not. You seem to think photos are first about technical quality, everything else is secondary. I think technical quality is a far, far, faaaaaar second to context.

I can see where a general idea of the composition, shading and color are evident, but I would never feel as though I did a very good job of judging without looking at my "winners" closely, if only to distinguish between the best and the not-quite-best. To each their own.

Again, it's about the "technicalities" for you, and sure, in that case, view the images at full size. I can't be bothered... see one shot of the same ol' rock at Yosemite at 6 a.m., seen 'em all, same goes for some bird swooping in to snag a fish out of water, same for flowers and bug macros etc , but I do agree, to each their own

Sorry to disappoint you, Martin, but you have me wrong. In fact, I award the highest ratings to challenge entries which above all have the greatest aesthetic appeal (or context, as you would say). I started a thread a little while ago asking specifically what methods people use to rate challenge entries, and in my original post I included my own "method", saying the following: "I use slideshow to view the entries, and when I think I may be missing something I go to the full-sized image. I go through the entries giving my ratings based on "fit to the rules" and aesthetic appeal, with adjustment for quality issues." The technical aspects of the entries serve (in my case) as a way to differentiate between those that are equivalent by subjective (non-technical) measures.

That said, if I am presented with two photos of the same subject, but where one is technically superior to the other, I will say the technically superior one is a better photo. However, if the "context" is poor in these photos, then I would rate them both lowly. So, your statement that I "seem to think photos are first about technical quality, everything else is secondary" is inaccurate. Personally, I find it incredulous that anyone would vote based solely on thumbnails, whether with regard to judging aesthetic appeal, "context", technical quality or just about any other aspect. It also makes me wonder if these same people go to an art museum and prefer to stand a hundred feet from the paintings. I guess I just don't get it.

Regardless of all this, my intention is to do my best when rating challenge entries, and I generally end up feeling good about the results. If you arrive at your ratings in a different way, I am not here to argue about it.

Regards, Brian

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