One of the first pictures I ever made with a DSLR, how to get all sharp?

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Re: How to get all sharp?

NetMage wrote:

I think you misunderstood.

Please remove the Quote option!
How about switching to real forum software?

No, there's no misunderstanding on my part, and you don't have to spell it out in such detail. -I can distinguish between AF problems and global errors!

It's quite likely that that the OP has a range of problems, but I consider it essential to eliminate possible hardware maladjustments before looking elsewhere.

Part of the difficulty is that some correspondents only think of AF-FT in terms of the diagonal yardstick test, and refuse to believe that the effect can be seen on test cards etc. which would normally be expected to lie within the DoF. Perhaps you could test it for yourself?


I agree with you on the Quote problem; some threads grow to mind-boggling complexity. I usually reduce the quote to the essentials, often correcting the spelling. We don't want bad advise loosing the thred, do we?

I find the forum software very good; fast and logical in structure. The editor is a bit clumsy, and the cursor seems to have a mind of its own sometimes. Inserting images can be a pain, and I usually shrink the screen to retain access to the "Insert Image" tool, or insert in reverse order for multiple images.

I used to subscribe to another forum (cars), and the software is "stone-age" compared to DPR. Do you have an example of better software than DPR?

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