Diffraction with a subpixel sensor

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Re: Diffraction with a subpixel sensor

Allan Olesen wrote:

falconeyes wrote:

The point is: with several subpixels PER microlens, each subpixel is seeing only a PART of the lens aperture (clipped exit pupil). And it is this clipping of the exit pupil which would cause extra diffraction blur.

We are only assuming that the extra diffraction will cause some photons to hit the wrong subpixel within a pixel, right?

We are not assuming that the extra diffraction will cause some photons to spill over to subpixels within another pixel, right?


I was indeed assuming the diffraction pattern changes enough across many microlenses.

The notion of photons "spilling over" is misleading. Photons are quantum fields and their behaviour is not local. I explained it in more detail elsewhere in this thread.

However, I made another mistake which I explain at the bottom of the thread. I assumed the dual pixel AF would work similiar to the phase detect AF sensor (looking through smaller parts of the aperture, even when in focus). Which it does not. The Canon dual pixel AF isn't causing extra diffraction.

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