We discover that an XT1 makes a poor defense against a charging Highland bull

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We discover that an XT1 makes a poor defense against a charging Highland bull

Yesterday's run took Chase and me past the wood duck pond. It looks much different in the early spring than in the summer, when the duckweed covers every inch. Now, you can actually see water. No wood duck babies yet, but the duck houses are occupied and we are hoping!

We headed out toward the big lake, where Chase locked up on point from the shore, having scented some mallard ducks way out on the water.

Knowing the outcome, I released Chase to go “get” the ducks. As usual, he swam after them for a few hundred yards in the ice cold water, chugging along for all he was worth, while the ducks leisurely stayed just out of reach. Eventually he gave up and swam back to shore. The score remains: ducks – 10,000; Chase 0.

He had a good shake to recover from the loss of prestige - AAAHHHH!

We headed back into farm country and away from the lake. I was carrying my little .221 rifle because I am supposed to shoot groundhogs in the spring and summer as a sort of price of admission to use the land. With Chase coursing ahead of me, the chances of a groundhog being dumb enough to stay out of his hole to be shot at are next to nil. As usual, the rifle was mostly for show in case the farmers came along and the camera got the work out. The rifle was slung over my shoulder as our day's adventures proceeded.

We went to a new area and discovered some cattle that I think are Scottish Highland cattle kept as hobby critters. They are really cool looking animals, especially the ones with the long reddish hair. As I was trying to get some pics of the pretty reddish colored cattle, a couple black versions came up to me. So, I switched subjects and took advantage of the opportunity to get a close shot of these guys:

Suddenly the big one put his head down and started grunting and pawing the ground, getting closer and getting ready to charge (you can see the dirt flying on one of the pics)! Oops! I made a BIG mistake and didn’t check for an intact bull before going into the field. Back when I was a kid, most farmers kept intact bulls and I learned (the hard way, of course) to carefully check a field before hopping over the fence. For the past 40 plus years, most farmers no longer keep intact bulls. Artificial insemination is much better and less expensive for many reasons, plus there’s a big safety factor. So, I have gotten out of the habit of approaching unknown cattle carefully. I realized, way too late, that this big black fellow was an intact bull and he didn’t like me sticking my steenkin’ little camera in his face one bit!!!

ACK! It was a long way to the fence and my days of agilely hopping over fences are gone. I had the little rifle, but I didn’t REALLY want to shoot someone’s prize bull that I had been stupid enough to annoy and besides it would have probably just made him mad unless I could put the bullet in his eye or ear. He was moving way too fast for that. I thought about giving him a bash on the head with my wonderful new TX1 and decided I didn’t want to do that either - I like the camera too much. So, I did the only sensible thing and ran for it – the fence was in rather bad shape, so I was able to clear it in one bound (to the extent a 67 year old man can “bound”).

I while running, that there was no small, brave brown and white bird dog who was rushing in to sacrifice himself to save his master, like in the movies. Mrs. Chase didn't have any dumb puppies!!

Obviously, I made it or I wouldn't be posting these images.    Afterward, the bull was so unhappy about having let his slow, stupid prey slip through his fingers (er... horns) that he took it out on his female companion - beat her up pretty good.

I felt sorry for her, but since she outweighed me by at least half a ton, I figured she was better able to take the hit.

As always, thanks for looking. Chase and I hope you enjoyed coming along.


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