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qianp2k wrote:

645Z and associated lenses certainly are attractive to some Pros and enthusiasts who want to pursue the best IQ as possible while still relative affordable and portable. A rumored Sony mirrorless fixed-lens MF on the same sensor with EVF in a RX1-typed body (much lighter/smaller than 645Z) and priced at $5K or below will be also a great option for those groups of photographers.

However I believe most Pros and enthusiasts will stay on FF as the best balance of IQ and portability/cost/weight/size/lens choice.

There were some $8k FFs just a few years ago and there might be again if the "Monster" arrives cloaked in 1 Series clothing.

If the "Monster" arrives priced like a D800, then of course, the decision becomes exponentially more difficult - for me. I can sell all of my Nikon kit (aka my high res kit) and get close to the purchase price of the camera and maybe one lens. That will leave me with my entire Canon kit still intact.

Then, additional lens purchases for the MF system look like any given year.

Separately I agree unless there is a dramatically improvement in sensor QE, you'd have to increase sensor size for much better IQ. Larger sensor -> better IQ on the same QE of sensors, a simple law of physics.

Noise and DR aside, what about detail i.e. equal MPs, equal details or no?

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