One of the first pictures I ever made with a DSLR, how to get all sharp?

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A slightly different thought??

The scene is a difficult one because there is very little contrast, and the surrounding objects are (of course) very small (eg leaves), and everything, all the greens, tend to blend together. And contrast is important for the camera to discern in order to get better focus. Without enough contrast in the scene, obtaining a stunningly sharp image becomes a bit more of a challenge.

I think the aperture you chose is fine, but, the ISO is too high for a scene like this. And you don't need a fast shutter speed for a landscape like this.

A few thoughts-

  • Don't pixel peep. Folks sometimes tend to use their monitors as electron microscopes, and worry themselves to death over sharpness. Try printing an 8x10 and hold it out arms length and decide if your images are sharp.
  • For a static landscape, set the ISO to 100
  • Use a tripod and a shutter release
  • Try manual focus vs auto focus in scenes with low contrast
  • Center point focus, focus of a specific the rocks on the island

Regards, Mike

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