JPEG, Aperture, and Lightroom

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Re: JPEG, Aperture, and Lightroom

masterofdeception wrote:

I don't want to intervene in your nerd fest, but really, ask yourselves, what are you arguing about? Are the pinks too red, or the reds too pink, or what? What about "do I like this photograph of a (my) lovely kid". Does that matter to you? Who is going to care about it if it's not 100% sharp? Seriously though, it's like a person going into an art gallery and complaining that Monet didn't get his haystack in focus or that Degas cut the corner off the frame. Can someone PLEASE explain what's going on here?

I'm not arguing about anything, I'm just posting results of two different RAW converters. One of them may produce images that look nicer than the other to some people. Aperture, for example, destroys the pink tones in many of my photos, and I think that's worth knowing. There's no obligation to pixel-peep! I thought it was worth sharing a few comparisons since not everyone has multiple RAW converters.

Sorry to have upset you.

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