You think there is a market there for a fast, compact zoom kit lense with good optical properties?

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Re: Aren't we already there?

Gregm61 wrote:

thornhale wrote:

I was thinking of somewhere along the lines of 12(or 14)-42mm focal length with F2.8mm AND compact (e.g. 12-32mm Panasonic pany or 14-42 Olympus EZ pany; that is the key as similar lenses already exist in this space but they are not compact) and low distortion as well as low chromatic abberation optionally with OIS (I am looking at you Panasonic). I haven't seen anything like that yet. Perhaps we are entering territory that is physically impossible (I don't know enough about optics really to say)...but would you get such a lense if it had much better optical properties than what's currently out there?

To me this seems like such an obvious thing to do that I am surprised that no other company has come up with such a lense...but maybe I am wrong, and people prefer other kinds of lenses.

Compared to any other comparable brand f2.8 standard zoom of similar angle of coverage, I think the current 12-35mm f2.8 Panasonic is about as close as that type lens for this system is going to get. The only way to shrink it is probably going to require shrinking the sensor size too.

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Concerning the sensor size some degree Olympus SZ cameras represent such a think. Those cameras have amazing range (~30x magnification) at the cost of small sensors that don't have much detail.

Concerning the lense:

I guess such a lense would not need to be super cheap, and I would be willing to take a variable aperture lense something like f2.8-4.2 (or even 5.6) with a focal length of 14-42mm...
The benefit of such a lense would be that it is slightly faster at all ranges than the normal kit lense.

Also when I am saying better optical properties...I am more looking at the end result so that software lense corrections would be OK.

All of this would be ok as long as the lense would also be as compact as possible.

Would such a lense still be interesting to people?

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