Reikan Focal Pro Accuracy for AFMA

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Oscar Rico
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Re: Reikan Focal Pro Accuracy for AFMA

nitroman wrote:

Thanks Oscar ... I'll take a look.

I'm very picky too as i spent a fortune on fast glass so expect my photos to be sharp !

Ok here is the trick:

1. Set the monitor square with the lens.

2. Set the lens/ monitor distance as per instructions.

3. Use tripod an ad some weight to secure stability.

4. Use single focus, no VR, no auto ISO.

5. Run liveview and focus in liveview (do not take the picture just focus)

6. Very careful lock the lens to manual focus.

7. Release the liveview mode.

8. Look thru the viewfinder and see if the focus dot is solid, if not adjust the fine tuning in either direction until obtain solid focus indicator.

Almost there.

To verify:

Set as indicated from 1 to 5, then

Release the liveview mode.

Do not touch any thing.

As you look at the lens distance window indicator

Half press the release and see if the lens try to refocus by rotating.

IF does not rotate you are good and ready to go.

If rotates you need to retest and adjust the fine tuning until obtain no movement when refocusing. I hope this help.

Regards: Oscar

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