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Re: Why must there be a camera to beat?

Edymagno wrote:

nevercat wrote:

Why must there be a camera to beat? And what do we want to beat?

Size? The A6000 is smaller then the X-T1!
Price? The A6000 is cheaper then the X-T1!MP? The A6000 has more then the X-T1!
Weight? guess what camera is heavier... (I give a hint it is not the Sony)
Number of dedicated lenses? Again Sony who wins!

We could go on and on like this. There is no camera to beat, not for Sony nor for Canon, Nikon, Fuji etc! Buy the camera you like best, use it in the way you like best and enjoy it! Forget about the "best" camera, the best camera is the one you have with you, not the newest toy in the shop!

I basically agree. But aren't we mostly here to talk about gear?

Yes this is a gear forum, and we do talk about gear, but why has it in the this camera beats that camera style?

Ilike to talk about our gear, how we can get the best results out of it, how some new lens can help to get a better picture, what camera and lens combination is best for the job etc. I like to talk about the differences in cameras and why I find it important. But I don't like to talk about beating one camera...


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