Since Lightroom is so good, what do you use Photoshop for?

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Re: Since Lightroom is so good, what do you use Photoshop for?

Sutherland wrote:

Given the advances in LR, it seems like a lot of photographers have made it their destination of choice for most of their post-processing, leaving PS for the more difficult adjustments or to finish off their best captures. Even Jeff Schewe in The Digital Negative cites the 80/20 rule (80% in LR, 20% in PS) for his own workflow.

So the question for you LR users is: What do you use PS for? What types of adjustments do you leave for PS because LR is not up to the task?

I hope we would all agree that there are some image manipulations that can best,  or only,  be done using a layers approach - and that means Photoshop,  PSE, or similar.

Still,  if I had to give up Lightroom or PSE (I don't have full Photoshop) it would be PSE.

I shoot mostly wildlife and some landscapes, and I find that the changes I want to make can almost always be made in Lightroom.   I find the capabilities of Lightroom beyond it's Develop module important.   The Library module, whilst not a deal breaker for me, is streets ahead of Organiser.   The Print module means I haven't used Qimage in a long time. The UI for me is intuitive, easy to get into, yet offers depth when needed.   The UI is the same whether processing RAW,  jpeg,  TIFF's or whatever (although I shoot RAW I use plug-ins which generate TIFF's).   For users needing to process large volumes (not me) Lightroom will win every time.

So what I am saying is that the pivotal technology for you will depend on what you shoot and what you want to do with your images.   I have made my choices (at least for now!),  your mileage may vary.


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