Tempted by X100 converters but will they be orphans?

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Marcos Villaroman Veteran Member • Posts: 5,623
Hedge your bet by limiting investment to just converters.

jsam wrote:

I enjoy my X100. Part of the enjoyment is not carrying extra gear "just in case".

However, I'm considering violating that and buying the wide and tele converters because...because will I just can, ok? And, yes, that probably means carrying the flash. So that'd be a bag too. Sigh.

What stops me buying them is the thought of the X200 not being compatible. Is anyone else in my boat - dithering because the future is uncertain?

Sure converters ten to be orphaned in a few years.  I gone through that with the Canon S1/3/5 and similar cameras.

The thing is these Fuji converters are excellent quality and cost around $300 each.  That's a lot less money to invest than getting into the Fuji-X interchangeable mirrorless system.

A bigger danger would be you go all-in on the Fuji-X interchangeable stuff, and end up hardly using your teleconverters.

But, consider I just pulled the trigger by spending $4000 on the X-T1, my first set of Fuji lens, and a flash.  If Fujifilm doesn't make it, I'm out that money.

If you stick with the X100s w/ converters you are out just $1900 and you don't have to buy them all at once.  Also they do make a nice set that you can sell together when you save up for the X200 whatever.

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