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qianp2k wrote:

Yes similar comparison but in higher diminishing return. 645Z is 0.78x crop that makes 35mm FF sensor roughly 1.3x crop to this MF sensor (which itself a crop MF sensor compared to bigger CCD MF sensor in PhaseOne IQ280 and Mamiya 645DF). You only see noticeable difference when you print/view in very big size. Bear mind mind that it seems true Sony 54mp sensor and a high pixel Canon sensor are coming.

Yeah, we're saying the same thing here.  35mm is the perfect balance due to both market forces and people's willingness to carry weight around.  The 645Z looks pretty reasonable in size though, honestly.

That's the point that FF cameras are sweet spot, mature enough with most features, and affordable enough in these days, more and most versatile lens choice. Also much lighter and smaller and lots cheaper. Nevertheless this 645Z makes a MF relative affordable to some Pros and enthusiasts who pursuing the best IQ on still relative affordable price.

MF is used by a good number of pro's still, and it used to be the standard for pro wedding, could get there again if there's enough interest in the market.  I think that's the swing market here, trying to get MF to compete again with 35mm for weddings would be a big win, as they've lost that market.  MF has been mostly relegated to pro landscapes and some portrait work (there are some that still insist on MF in that segment).

Anyway, to the crop stuff. 1.27 or so crop factor means that we are comparing a difference pretty close to the difference between 35mm and APS-H. If the sensors are of the same tech generation you will get better images from the 51mp MF sensor, all other things being equal. You will get thinner depth of field from the MF as well, which seems to be a key argument among the anti-crop movement.

As said in higher diminishing return. DOF is not really an issue on equivalent DOF. FF f2.8 is eq to 645Z's f3.5.

Eh, it's an arbitrary line though, some people feel the 1.3x difference between aps-h and 35mm is a big deal and some don't.  It almost becomes a religious argument, but really it depends upon what you are trying to do.

Someone needs it but I am sure less need 645 than FF especially when Sony and Canon if released 50mp FF cameras in later this year. Not sure how good of DR in this 51mp Sony MF sensor, still 14-stop or 16-stop?

I think I read a spec sheet on it that said 13 stops for the 645, no idea about unreleased Sony stuff.  High DR and MP sure would make for a great landscape camera though, Peter Lik is probably excited.  

More meaningful if this 51mp MF sensor compares to forthcoming 54mp FF sensor from Sony (if the rumor is true that at least as good as current 36mp sensor in other aspects) or on Canon 40+ mp sensor (we have no idea how good of Canon sensor). I suspect unless you use best of best MF prime lenses and print/view in extreme big size, the difference is not that big. I have no ideas of MF lenses (except they are very expensive), are some of them as good as Otus 55/1.4, FE 55/1.8, Sigma 50/1.4 A and Sigma 35/1.4 A respectively?

The lenses are larger, the pixel density is pretty close to that of D800, so you would expect better lenses like those you've listed are quite possible and can take advantage of the high pixel sensors.  The trick here is that while the others are rumors and as of yet vaporware this 645 actually exists, unless they pull a Canon and announced LONG before they were really in production.  Often getting to market first makes a far bigger difference than technical advantages/disadvantages.

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