Uh oh. What did I do? A6000/16-70 purchase.

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Re: Uh oh. What did I do? A6000/16-70 purchase.

trax87 wrote:

I'm only half joking. Lol. Not sure how it happened exactly. I have a NEX 6 that I am very happy with, along with a few lenses. I basically have everything covered from ultra wide with the 16mm and adapter through the 55-210 plus the 35/1.8 prime. I had been considering the 16-70z, but thought it was a little pricey. I also was thinking about a DSLR for better AF and/or either a DSLR or m4/3 for greater lens and accessory options.

Next thing I know B&H offers A $300 discount on the 16-70 and A6000 combo. I wasn't yet sure if I was going to buy the 16-70 and had all but decided not to upgrade the NEX at this point. But there I was pushing the buy button! And I don't usually do things like that.

Oh well. It's still on pre-order, so I guess I'll have some time to consider my actions :).

You will not regret !

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