Leica T is out, but for who?

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Re: WRONG on the facts

Alxy wrote:

1. AF of Leica T has no PDAF.

2. All new top-end cameras are coming with on-sensor PDAF. To stay competitive it is a must for new cameras, unless the manufacturer has some other killer feature (or features) or a killer-name, like Leica. PDAF allows for faster AF.

Sony: A6000, A7
Canon: M2, 70D, 650D, 700D
Olympus: E-M1
Fujifilm: X-E2, X-T1
Nikon: 1 System

Again, on-sensor PDAF is the new way and all the manufactures make improvements and advancements in this area. Not having it on a new top-of-the-line mirrorless camera is the past, not the future.

Hello again Alxy

Thank you for your reply and giving me further feedback

First , I would like to say something that is related to all Leica camera products and not simply the new T camera

You did give us a  list of  features that the T misses and that , in your opinion, it should have.

I do not know how much experience you have with Leica products but I think it is obvious that Leica when bringing a new product has never( looks  like people here are going to prefer me underlining instead of capitalizing )  a product that is  really on par with the latest products  of say sony or fuji , or olympus   in terms of technical specs

If you look at the different M digital models you can see how long it took for Leica to adopt new digital features which were at the time available on pretty much any other models

As far as PDAF is concerned , My opinion is that it is not very important for a mirorless  camera to have it unless the camera is aimed  action and sports pictures . In my mind the Leica T is clearly not aimed at this market segment

I think  that the Olympus pro EM1  should not really be on that list because the PDAF that you consider so important only activates when one puts a olympus dslr lens on it . with M4/3 lenses it uses contrast AF only

and yet despite that   it is still reputed to have one of the fastest SAF of all mirorless cameras

I think PDAF is really  useful for constant AF and for CAF , all mirorless cameras cannot come close to dslr in terms of focus speed ( except maybe  the Nikon 1 system ?) ( not sure)

Fujifilm X-E2, X-T1, Sony A7, Sony A6000, Canon M2, Nikon 1, Olympus E-M1 have it. Basically each company now has it.

Sensor size - APS-C. Sony A7/A7r are full frame with Carl Zeiss lenses. Some point-and-shoot are APS-C or close. I would also mention Sony R1 here as an example of innovation.

APS is BY FAR with m4/3rds the dominant sensir size in the mirorless market. Mirorless systems in aps size AND SMALLER represent in volume at least 95% of sales. 35mm sensor for mirorless cameras WITH interchangeable market is a NICHE. Market and will remain that way fir years to come. And not to mention that it would make even LESS sense for Leica to go that road considering the M. Lens line- up

If you say that APS-C is dominant sensor size that it is the mediocrity. No contradiction to what I said. Leica did not make anything new in the ares of the sensor size or quality.

35mm sensor in mirrorless is not a niche - it is a new way. Sony created mirrorless full frame cameras less than year ago. This is commendable and bold step forward.

Maybe so but while it may make sense for Sony , It still would not make any sense for  Leica who has  already a full line of 35mm  manual focus lenses . if they were going that  way , pretty soon , you would have people demanding that  Leica makes AF lenses for its M or using those AF lenses on the M

Not to mention that  making HIGH quality  Autofocus lenses of reasonable size and weight for a 35mm sensor is  very difficult and costly > I mean you can design a 50mm  or q 35mm equivalent like this but for wide angle this is quite  a different story

We have to see what happens in 10 years from now. May be other manufactures will come on-board.

There are rumors of Fuji working on FF camera.

Yes and I am sure we will see a few more compacts with a 35mm sensor but the big mass of sales will remain with sensors APS or smaller

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