Tempted by X100 converters but will they be orphans?

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Re: Tempted by X100 converters but will they be orphans?

jsam wrote:

I tend to buy every other generation of technology. I passed on the X100S. I expect (hope?) the X200 will be so good that, yes, I probably would stop using the X100.
Spending £500 on the extra kit for maybe what, a year, two years, of use isn't exciting.
If I knew the converters would also suit the X200 I'd not hesitate.

If you plan on getting the X200, you probably shouldn't buy the converters until you know what kind of lens the X200 will have.

On the other hand. Lets say the X200 is one year away. You spend £500 on the converters and get £300 for them in resale. The converters will only cost you £17/month, £9/month if the X200 is two years away.

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