A6000 - a couple of insects

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Re: A6000 - a couple of insects

Dirk W wrote:

I have the 18-270 Tamron with ILIS, and was looking at the LA-EA4 at $349.99 Canadian vs the LA-EA2 at $449.95. Any thoughts?

I don't know the Tamron but the range and ILIS sure sounds good. Is the EA4 cheaper than the EA2? Well, then you could go for the EA4 IMO; there is no difference except for the inner diameter AFAIK. I would maybe compare the Tamron to the SEL 18200 before I would invest so much money in the adapter. Just to make sure. In case the 18-200 is a lot sharper than the Tamron (which I could imagine - but that is pure speculation), maybe it would be worth to sell the 18-270 and save the money for the adapter, buying the SEL 18-200.

Again, thanks for the quick reply and information.

The SEL 18-200 is $900.00 Canadian vs the LA-EA4 at $349.99 Canadian. Oh! we also have to add 13% Taxes to those amounts so the 18-200 goes over a thousand dollars.

I've been very pleased with the Tamron 18-270 on my A65 and A77.

It is up to me to decide but I'm sure grateful for all the info and suggestions you have made.



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