JPEG, Aperture, and Lightroom

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Re: JPEG, Aperture, and Lightroom

In my experience the LR works fine, definitely better than the camera jpeg engine. I shoot almost always raw as Fuji jpeg output isn't great.

In the LR you need to make some adjustments you usually don't need to do with the other cameras. One thing is necessary to correct the colors, in particular red, orange, yellow, and blue. I don't remember the typical luminance settings I use, I know the red is the most screwed up color and requires something about -50 correction. The colors coming from the raw are much weaker than with the other cameras, so the settings for clarity, saturation, etc. have to be more aggressive. The sharpening also needs different settings than with the other cameras; set 'detail' to zero, reduce 'mask' settings until waxiness gone. Because Fuji is so much different from every other camera I used, I saved a preset for Fuji and apply it to the batch and then tweak each image individually.

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