A6000 - a couple of insects

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Re: A6000 - a couple of insects

Dirk W wrote:

Did you consider getting an adapter to use your A mount lens, as I see you have a 70-400?

I have both the LA-EA1 and LA-EA2 and I use the 70-400 mainly on the EA2 and really like it. The nice thing is you get a lot of reach and yop can also go REALLY close for such pseudo macros. BUT the lens is HUGE and the combination is quite heavy to bear. And you don't have ILIS so you need very short shutter speeds, which boost up the ISOS especially since the SLT in the adapter eats some light. Therefore I only use this combo sometimes for birding and such in very good light.

Thank you for the prompt reply.

I have the 18-270 Tamron with ILIS, and was looking at the LA-EA4 at $349.99 Canadian vs the LA-EA2 at $449.95.  Any thoughts?

Sure appreciate your help.



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