My new DSLR has me appreciating my m43 setup much more

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Re: The FF Fallacy is this: XXXX

007peter wrote:

RealPancho wrote:

....if you want "ultimate IQ" you need to go larger than "FF."

Okay, I'll give you that Frank. However keep in mind that FF camera body - Mirrorless of DSLR - demands a FULL SIZE, FULL WEIGHT, Bulky LENS, that makes me leave them @home collecting dust.

Don't take my words for it. You're welcome to participate this On-Going thread in Sony Forum, appropriately titled: Why are the A7's lenses so big?

Cute huh

My FF A7 is a massive 72 grams heavier than my M4/3 GX7, add my lightest FF lenses (really light 50mm and quite light 19-35) VS any of my M4/3 lenses and the difference is maybe 200 grams...

As for size, I have one FF 58mm lens that is smaller than my M4/3 lenses (gets a bit bigger with the adapter).

Generally, the lenses ARE much bigger but in regards the A7 and lens, the total difference in weight/size is a LOT smaller than the sensor size difference would indicate.

I also use the same lenses on my M4/3 camera so I can actually go out with both cameras and the M4/3 might well be the heavier unit!

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