You think there is a market there for a fast, compact zoom kit lense with good optical properties?

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Re: You think there is a market there....

Skeeterbytes wrote:

Unfortunately, fast-compact-cheap don't play nicely together. To envision a cheaper, faster kit zoom imagine taking the current 12-35 and 12-40 2.8s and somehow stripping materials and features to drive their prices down to, say, $400. Pretty sure it can't be done, even if you cranked up production to the hundreds of thousands, because the larger elements have very exacting tolerances. And because of the required larger elements, it can't be made smaller while retaining the fast aperture. (Although you can shrink them some by making them variable aperture.)

"Back in the day" a kit dslr lens would be 50 or 55mm, roughly f:1.7 to 2.0 for the entry-level bodies and f:1.4 for advanced models. By extension, you could make a 20-to-30mm prime the standard kit lens instead of our many slow zooms. Panny has the 20/1.7 and Oly now has the 25/1.8, which actually can be had as a kit lens on certain bodies. If they were to triple current production the price might drop another hundred dollars. But most beginners want zooms, no matter what.



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Well, what if this were not a kit (implying cheap) lense so that price would not be a concern? A buyer would have to add-on this lense.

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