FZ200 vs Stylus 1 @ 600mm

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FZ200 vs Stylus 1 @ 600mm

FZ200, SOOC, JPEG defaults (SH=0, NR=0, IRes=ON)

Stylus 1 + Olympus B-300 TC. Shot from same tripod-mounted position as above. Cropped to match the FZ200's 600mm FOV and then upsampled back to 12MP

And just because I know you'll ask (or at least wonder), here's an FZ200 shot with less processing (in fact this approximates the more conservative approach that Olympus seems to go for when correcting for lens softness when rendering JPEGs, so it's actually a fairer comparison I think):

SH=-2, NR=-2, IRes=OFF

But speaking of fair, we know the FZ200 is not exactly at its sharpest when wide open at full tele, so here it is at its best:

SOOC, SH=-2, NR=-2, IRes=OFF

Finally it gets the edge, but only just. The Stylus 1 doesn't really get any sharper than it already is at f/2.8 so the bout is over. But certainly an interesting result at f/2.8 which will possibly be relevant to some.

Oh, and just in case anyone is interested in what m43 has to offer at 600mm (and because I went to the trouble of testing all of my cameras anyway), here's what the Olympus 75-300 II can do:

SOOC JPEG downsampled to 12MP

Note: I actually went a little crazy and bolted each camera to a heavy duty tripod designed for an 11kg Celestron telescope kit with a 480x maximum magnification for these particular tests. And I also did the usual 3 shot timer sequences to ensure the accuracy of the results. IS was of course disabled in all cases.

And yeah, I was only concentrating on center sharpness in my commentary as it's really the only tjing that is relevant to me at 600mm.  You can draw your own conclusions about performance across the entire frame.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200
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