Leica T is out, but for who?

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Re: Leica T is out, but for who?


Actually when I mentioned better quality I was referring to optically and mechanichally. I have never had the opportunity to use a Canon F-1 but I had used Canon lenses in other cameras in the 80's And my personal impression when I began to focus (they were all manual focus) was that there was something wrong with Canon lenses since they were not as smooth as it should be. Later I found out that it was my bad, there was nothing wrong with that, I was just spoiled to how focusing should feel.

Since you mentioned, when I say mechanically built, I am not referring to reliability. Canon F-1 and Nikon F2 with their titanium shutters have a stellar reputation. I had lots of repair issues with Leica M's through the decades from burn shutters to adjustments in the rangefinder and diafragm repairs.

But let me ask. How many of the lenses you used with the F-1 you still use today?

I still use almost all my lenses that I used with the M4. There is only one exception: I have a 35mm Summaron that lasted 41 years of usage. The diafragm went so bad that was beyond repair.

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