Judo throws with X-T1 & 56mm

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Re: Judo throws with X-T1 & 56mm

PunishedPixels wrote:

Good start, but as everyone else puts it. A bit underexposed. Maybe the camera was fooled by all the white in the scene. Some exposure comp would have done the trick.

Thanks. I agreed the white uniforms might confuse it. I'll try Multiple metering next time.

How do you like the focus speed of the 56mm. I find it a little jumpy and not quite as good as my previous Nikon lenses. But they are very sharp right from 1.2.

X-T1 with 23mm & 56mm are my first camera system, so I can't compare with others. But, I like the 56mm more than 23mm and I use it 85% in my shots. In dim condition, 56mm is not quite good as 23mm, but it's not a deal breaker for me. As long as it focuses and give me good images are what I'm after.

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