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Re: Internal storage! Finally!

Andrewteee wrote:

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

I was wondering what took manufacturers so long to figure out that internal storage of reasonable size and speed is an added benefit to any digital camera. A camera that works by default, when you open a box.

In theory, internal storage can be so fast that it helps enormously with card writing / reading / buffering procedures, etc.

Yes, that's cool. Memory is cheap so why not build in a few GBs! There are a few other interesting design elements to the T even though the camera is not for me.

Yes it is an elegant design but a closer look shows up just another point'n'shoot compact for the less involved user, preferably a rich one.

Obviously a used with sufficient funds will buy the full-house complete with evf and accessories - maybe the dealers will chuck in a few goodies like a strap, cover and an adapter to sweeten the deal. Certainly the two lenses and the other bits will become quite an entry fee.

I think we can kiss goodbye to a direct electronic adaption of the LM mount ever.  Unless of course Ricoh decide to "do it".  There is always the remote possibility that Ricoh might licence use of the T mount.  But as with all new mount systems there is always a hiatus over lens stocks and users of the T will have to make do with LM mount lenses for a while.  If this is in any way a burden.  Strange that leica have not allowed a "shoot without lens" function.  Does this mean that only recent coded LM lenses will be compatible?  Will the beloved Voigtlander lenses be shut out?

No doubt the new Leica T mount lenses will be great as Leica lenses are usually always regarded as something special.  But the technical descriptions look more like kit lenses in drag rather than something justifying such price tags.

Lack of focus peaking must also bedevil any MF lenses attached no matter how sharp the lenses are.

And (say) 64gb of memory for storage would render sd cards redundant except it is handy to be able to swap cards when necessary and also to extract the card for uploading images rather than connecting up a camera to computer whether by wifi or cable.

Not for me either.

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Tom Caldwell


The Leica to T mount adapter has electrodes to communicate with the camera body bypassing the need for a shoot without lens setting. It should work with any M or LTM lens.

Lack of shoot without lens affects the use of third party adapters. This is like the Nikon 1 series.

Real question is about the 6 bit coding. Is the coding used for exposure or distortion correction?

For uncoded lenses, is there a lens database that can be used to select the correct lens manually( like the M9).

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