My new DSLR has me appreciating my m43 setup much more

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Re: Almost means there is still something ;)

jim stirling wrote:

Lumixdude wrote:

Well, you have the 25mm F/1.4 PanaLeica lens, and the Voightlander 25mm F/0.95. If you're doing portraits then a manual focus lens should not be an issue. Focus speed on fast moving objects should not be an issue at all for portraits in fact you've got the Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 for environmental portraits as well and the voightlander 42.5 F/0.95 for head and shoulders.

The Voightlander 25mm F/0.95 is almost as heavy as the heaviest mFT camera. While costing $1000 for a lens that only gives you the equivalent DOF and light gathering of an F1.9 lens on FF , with no AF. The voightlander 42.5 F/0.95 is another $1000 option , though it is a bit of a bargain compared to the Panasonic F1.2 42.5 at $1600

Wide aperture lenses like the Voigtländer f0.95s aren't all about DoF. Much of it is about shooting in low light, while keeping ISOs lower and shutter speeds higher. Other aspects are the color and rendering, smooth, accurate focus, the short focus distances (7" with the 17.5mm, 6" with the 25mm and 9" with the 42.5mm), an aperture ring with distance scale, optional stepless aperture ring and lastly, but not leastly, the fantastic build quality and feel. They're just a real pleasure to use.

These things probably mean little to many people, but for others they're absolutely worth it on every level.

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