Curves are hard to use.

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Re: Curves are hard to use. blend modes

Heh... Levels are a simplified version of Curves. In fact adjustments in Photoshop like Brightness/Contrast, Color Balance and Exposure use Curves in the background (Notice that they are all grouped together in the adjustment layers palette and in the Image > Adjustments menu). They just present Curves with a different user interface that is hopefully more intuitive.

And if you think about Levels for a minute you'd understand how it is just a different implementation of Curves. The composite Levels adjustment allow you to shift tonal values within the 256 or 65,536 possible tones (depending on the bit depth of the image) by adjusting Highlights, Shadows and mid-tones (the gamma values). You do exactly the same in Curves by dragging the endpoints of the composite RGB curve to adjust Hightlights and Shadows, and the mid-point to adjust the mid-tone/gamma values.

machoman wrote:

I've gone back and tried Curves again -'s not working for me. Changing the blend mode to luminosity did improve things slightly but it's still yucky. i've tried everything - using the arrows, nudging them slightly (trust me - my S curve is very very mild - anything more and it looks terrible) but still Levels wins hands down on ease of use and also ultimately the quality speaks for Levels.

extra info - i'm editing on the soft proof copy as it gives me the best paper/screen match.

I'm giving up on curve and will use Levels as my main contrast tool.

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