JPEG, Aperture, and Lightroom

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Re: JPEG, Aperture, and Lightroom

Jim in Hudson wrote:

Edward Chatlos wrote:

Jim in Hudson wrote:

Thanks for posting. To my eyes, Aperture's rendering is better than Lightroom's default (non-profile) rendering. What would be interesting is whether you could duplicate LR's Provia profile by starting with the LR default and adjusting from there.... then compare to the best you can achieve through Aperture.

How can you say the Aperture rendering is better than the LR one? The OP stated the colors aren't right.

What are you an Apple Fan Boy? If it's Apple it must do the best job?

Nice ad hominem attack but you forgot to ask me when I stopped beating my wife.

My first comment was from viewing on a good IPS monitor (which I trust). From the crappy LCD/LED one I'm on now (which I don't trust) the Aperture rendering does pick up more of the red shift in the jacket. More to the point, the Provia profiles, both OOC and in LR, are also creating a shift from pink to red versus the non-profile rendering.

This highlights the fallacies in all of these judgments. We think we know what looks better than something else but generally we're doing that with poor viewing sources. I can tell you my other computer hooked to the good IPS monitor displayed a very good rendering from Aperture in the OP's photos. But does that even matter when the true test is which prints the best?

I'm viewing the photos on a 27" iMac which has, by all accounts, quite a good IPS panel, and I can assure you the Aperture colors are way off. The Provia profile does shift the reds a bit as well, but in a pleasing way with regard to skin tones (in my opinion of course). I would probably use a different profile for landscapes.

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