Leica T is out, but for who?

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For me!

I get it. People were hoping for an M with a fuji price tag. In that respect, paying $4,000 for a glorified sony nex is outrageous. If that is all one see's when looking at the T, well, I suppose it's easy to understand why the op has 18 "thumbs up" at this point.

No matter how you look at it, the T is terribly expensive and there are tons of cameras that have similar "specs" and costs multiples less.

Why then did I buy it? Well, for one very simple reason.

I use a medium format camera and a d800 all day. These are wonderful cameras that despite modern advances, behave essentially as they have since the 1960's. Certainly today's technology would seem like science fiction to a photographer 50 years ago. But the principles of how you use a camera are largely the same.

For casual day to day stuff, the mf and and dslrs are about as engaging as pouring sand on your bagel. Like everyone else, I've been looking for something that is simple, quick, practical, unobtrusive and engaging to use. I've settled on the ricoh gr and the iPhone.

The gr is imho one of the best cameras ever made and comes really close to what I want from a camera but it only has one lens (and that's where it should stay). The iPhone distills photography down to it's most basic components and just gets out of the way but it's downsides are obvious.

The T filters much of the same technology that the ricoh uses to make excellent photo's through a user experience that works the way I want it to. It's the first camera that does so. And that's why it's for me.

Bottom line-there are any number of cameras out there that will produce a photos as good or better than the T. But that isn't the point.

I jump through hoops to get what I need from my mf and nikon all day. The T is the only camera that is "good enough" that jumps through hoops for me. That's the theory at least.

Alxy wrote:

Leica T is out.

If this camera would be released by any other company you would think somebody went crazy over there. An APS-C camera for 1850$? With 2 native lenses available. First is the zoom 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6. Looks like the cheap zooms that come for almost nothing with most of the interchangeable lens cameras today. The only difference - it will cost 1700$. That's one extra zero. The second lens is 23mm f/2.0 for 1900$, not a super-fast one by any standard, but super-expensive by the most.

Let's take Canon M system for example. They have very similar camera with 2 lenses, when it was first released. Would anybody take this camera seriously at 1850$ for a body and 1700$ for Canon EF-M 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM? I guess not, sounds like a 1st of April joke. But for Leica the price and mediocrity of the T system looks to be Ok.

What makes Leica special in their niche are small full format cameras with small, fast and sharp lenses. Actually the smallest compared to other lenses for full format, the fastest (50mm f/0.95) and the sharpest with highest images quality. The other niche is the the larger-than-full frame S system, which is well regarded as well for the image quality.

Leica T wants to ride the wave of Leica's success without actually offering anything special. It is like a son of a rich and famous guy, who gets along using connections, money any name of his father. It appears to be an average camera put into an expensive metal body and sold for an astronomical price.

In comparison, in the past years all companies have made significant advances in all areas and some new systems have appear with innovative designs - Sony A7/A7r with Carl Zeiss lenses, Fujifilm X with small and fast lenses, M43rd Olympus E-M1 with really small lenses, may be you can think of some other ones.

This new Leica is not for a gear-head or a photographer. It is for a rich person seeking a point-and-shoot style camera, who does not know what to do with the money and wants to have the label to show-off, to get somehow associated with Leica's past success.

The exact list of mediocrity points of Leica T:

Slow in many regards, according to the reviews.

AF is contrast detect only, no PDAF. A must today for new cameras of this segment. Fujifilm X-E2, X-T1, Sony A7, Sony A6000, Canon M2, Nikon 1, Olympus E-M1 have it. Basically each company now has it.

Sensor size - APS-C. Sony A7/A7r are full frame with Carl Zeiss lenses. Some point-and-shoot are APS-C or close. I would also mention Sony R1 here as an example of innovation.

No image stabilization. All other have it in some way - on sensor or in lenses.

Maximum shutter speed is 1/4000. Many have it up to 1/8000

No weather sealing. Fujifilm X-T1, Sony A7/A7r, Olympus E-M1 have it.

LCD does not tilt - all other companies have a camera with a tillable one.

No built-in EVF. Extra 600$ for it. All other companies have a model with EVF built-in.

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