finger prints in camera sensors (optical filter)

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Brian in Montana
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Re: finger prints in camera sensors (optical filter)

yonsarh wrote:


does anyone know how to clean and remove a finger prints on camera image sensors?

I know camera sensors are protected what is called optical AA filter and most service center

says just use any smooth cloth to clean it. is wet clean to do a best method? If So, I

would have to wait until next week, but rather than , please tell me how. thx.

Captain Obvious says "Don't touch the sensor!". My own advice is to do a wet clean if you're comfortable doing so - you're looking to remove an oily substance, so blowing alone isn't likely to work. Otherwise, take it to a shop where sensor cleaning service is offered. I had my D90 sensor cleaned by a local shop twice for $20 per time. Now I clean my D7000 (and my wife's) myself and save the money. It's not that difficult to do, really.

I would NOT recommend rubbing the sensor with just any old "smooth cloth". Use materials designed for the purpose. That said, the low pass filter isn't particularly fragile, but you could cause a scratch if you rubbed (a cloth) over an abrasive particle.

Good luck, Brian

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