Stick with Nikon or Go for the 5DIII ?

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Re: Stick with Nikon or Go for the 5DIII ?

Let me tell, jokes apart and no pun intended, the WB of the D800 is not even a mile away from that of my 2007 Fuji S5Pro, the first shots with the D800 were fully disappointing (and still are WB wise), I did look around and customized the WB to remove the green/yellow cast from skin tones and got to a decent compromise but still nothing which can compare to the S5, true is that Fuji has a tendency to pump up reds and magentas giving images a saturated look (at least with the SCCD of the S5, dunno about the X-Trans) but they looked much more pleasant and real than Nikons, true is that I shoot at western skin toned people (as if that matters...) but I keep thinking that WB has to do with skin rendition and that if you shoot raw any camera would do fine, if you want a hassle free jpg you should either tune your WB be it Nikon or Canon (where in Nikon I find newer lenses to be colder against older D ones being warmer and more pleasant skin tone wise) or get a Fuji so it is a no question, keep your lenses and invest in a Nikon FF body and shoot raw and post process and you will save the investment, if you wanna change flag sell it all and jump into Canon word but I will second the suggestion to rent and X-Trans camera to test Fuji colors.

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