Leica T is out, but for who?

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Re: Leica T is out, but for who?

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I'm not too sure about that. Sure it should accommodate M lenses, and from early previews it seems there isn't anything too wrong about corner sharpness with those, but at least Leica could have done a little more in the way of MF assist in that case. In addition why then bother releasing native lenses ? I intuitively believe people will mostly buy it with native lenses, just like it happens on most mirrorless systems, and a decent minority will use adapted lenses from the parent system, at least until the system's lens line up is sufficiently developed.

There is a difference in what a company wants and users wants I think that the main audience would be people having or buying M glass. Also because there are only 2 lenses currently. Why would corner sharpness be a problem when you go from FF lens to APS-C sensor?

Even on APS-C sensors most M lenses, especially shorter focal lengths, will have trouble in the corners. Only the Ricoh GXR does a good job at it apparently (normal, it was designed for this). Apparently the T isn't too bad in that regard according the Sean Reid.

No weather sealing. Fujifilm X-T1, Sony A7/A7r, Olympus E-M1 have it.

Leica M

Although there is weather sealing and weather sealing (I'm not sure I'd submit the A7 to the same kind of conditions I'd put an E-M1 through), I believe Leica could have easily added weather sealing on this camera. Especially since their unibody construction reduces the number of joints to be sealed anyway. The other cameras are in the same price bracket as the T, so Leica can do it. Hey, although that's a very personal preference, I'd rather have saved a few euros in manufacturing costs by not having internal memory and transferred those savings to a few rubber seals. And they have all the expertise they need since the S2 and M240 are weather sealed.

What I don't get is why they keep making weather sealed bodies, but not weather sealed lenses. What is the purpose when your lens is the weak link? Just a novelty to tick off on the feature list?

Amen to this. The only answer I've had comes from Leica which said when they released the M 240 that they tested M lenses and found that water didn't seep through the joints - but those are MF lenses made in a slightly different fashion. I too do think that most of the weather sealing we see around is just there for the specification list, especially since almost none of them are properly rated and covered in the warranty. The only ones I'd have reasonable expectations are the top Olympus, Pentax or Nikon / Canon pro bodies, but that's more out of accumulated experience by several photographers rather than a claim from either one of these companies' marketing department.

LCD does not tilt - all other companies have a camera with a tillable one

Titlable LCDs are not very useful. Hinghed like a GH3 is more practical if you need it. I still perfer my cameras that has fixed LCDs. The EVF is titlable, how does that work on a X-T1?

This is a bold statement. I believe most street photographers or videographers would rather have a tillable LCD than a hinged one (quicker to deploy, aligned with the body).

As for videographers, I cannot see who would want that. I have used both for videographing and only the hinghed makes sense. Besides it is faster to operate and not limited.

it's better for various reasons :

- aligned with the mount. Some feel it's important (same goes for EVF placement). Personally, I don't think it's that important, but I've read enough people complaining about it on video forums.

- More importantly though, it's a lot better for rigging since there is very little chance that the screen will get in the way of connectivity on the left side. It also won't bother you when adjusting focus on the lens.

- Unless you're shooting very strange films (perhaps a 4K remake of the blairwitch project as if shot with a smartphone ?), there are very little reasons you'll need the ability to tilt the screen in portrait orientation for video.

All this doesn't really matter since the camera format isn't well-suited for video anyway (putting the connectors to the left side is logical in a camera, and annoying on a videocamera since it gets in your way - hence why the GH4's external extension has its XLR connectors on the right side for example). Or at least it's heavily compromised and only fit for people mixing photography and video in their occupation.

Also, this is a long debate and I actually think that hinged or tillable both have advantages and disadvantages depending on the application. If I were to shoot landscapes for example, perhaps I'd prefer a hinged screen (less issues with tripod, possibility to use it in portrait orientation, etc.). I'm hoping for a very clever person to come up with the perfect solution to that seemingly irremediable dichotomy. Perhaps Google Glass. Or brain implants.

Or simply perhaps Sony's A77 solution, but I haven't tried it yet.

Street photographers? Thought they wanted (O/E/R)VF.

It actually is quicker to deploy. On a hinged screen, you have to open the screen, rotate it 180° and then frame. With a tillable design, just pull it and you're done.

I personally love a good old rangefinder viewfinder for street photography, but I would also love a tillable screen for waist-level shooting.

No built-in EVF. Extra 600$ for it. All other companies have a model with EVF built-in.

Leica M

Still trying to find the EVF on a Leica M, but perhaps I'm just stupid.

You'll find a RF at least

And I do wish I could find this kind of viewfinder (not necessarily the focusing system though) on more cameras other than the Fuji X100 series (I don't think the X-pro 1 counts, it's too compromised, and even then I'm not too fond of the X100 experience, at least in comparison to a M), at least until electronic viewfinders can give me the following : no VF blackout, and the possibility to see beyond the frame lines (the two main and still unmatched competitive advantages of window viewfinders).

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