AA Batteries: rechargeables or disposables best for me?

Started Apr 24, 2014 | Questions thread
Kuppenbender Senior Member • Posts: 2,197
Sanyo Eneloop batteries

I don't know whether these will save you much money over years (disposable AA's aren't all that expensive). Sanyo Eneloops will hold a significant proportion of their charge after months of inactivity. Unlike other rechargeables, they are sold fully charged and ready to use.

I've been using Eneloops for my flashgun, which rarely gets used for a couple of years now. I've recharged them a few times, but always as a precautionary measure. Whenever I reach for the flash, even after months of non-use, the batteries have never let me down. I will only buy Eneloop rechargeables these days.

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