Cactus RF60 HSS

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Brian Hursey Junior Member • Posts: 27
Re: Cactus RF60 HSS

I talked to them about radio hss. Issue is it is either they make it a ttl trigger brand specific and throw out everything else, or keep it the way it is. As long as one of the flashes sees the ttl pre signal it passes hss to all of the rest of the flashes via radio. The thing is the camera has to think it sees a ttl flash to go into hss mode. Then the RF60 sees the hss pre flash and uses that signal to trigger hss. I slaved mine of of a ttl flash in my softbox using a yn622c. Although in bright sun if it is not able to see the signal i could see where it could be a problem. I am seeing if there is a way to use the v6 to mass the signal that way you could put the v6 closer to the hss ttl flash. It still is an intresting concept. I got a little carried away with my testing. The RF60s are the top row of flashes.

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