Stick with Nikon or Go for the 5DIII ?

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Re: Stick with Nikon or Go for the 5DIII ?

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Hello everyone~ I'm a wedding and people (mainly newborn) photographer, and I also like to shoot landscape and daily life of family. Currently I'm using the Nikon D3s with several lenses. However, one thing I find struggling is the skintone out of the Nikon D3s always requires some labor (I mainly shoot Asian people, and the customers here do like kind of “pink and a little magenta” skintones rather than yellowish): maybe due to the AWB, and maybe also due to the camera's own color rendering.

I’m considering adding new cameras to my workflow, and the choices are:

A). Stick with Nikon and buy a D800 (with D3s as backup);

B). Switch to Canon and go for the 5DIII (maybe with 6D as a backup camera).

And once the decision is made, I’ll stick with the chosen brand for many years.

My concerns are:

1). IS there a big difference between the D800 and 5DIII in skintone rendering? Do Canon users always need to intensively adjust color for a better skintone?

2). IS the AF system of the 5DIII fast, accurate and reliable enough?

The burst shoot speed is not an issue as far as I can see. So please don’t tell me to go for the D4s/1DX as my current budget is limited to the D800/5DIII level… Thanks!

If your biggest issue is color then changing the camera won't solve the problem. Of course, a more modern camera, like the D800, has better Auto WB, but even in that you might need to adjust the color balance. So, my advice is don't buy anything, adjust the WB to your (or your customers) taste and be happy.

Anyway, for the sake of skin tones and AWB, I would not jump ship, maybe would buy the D800 instead. Just too much costs involved in jumping ship, because it is not just the body that is changed, but the whole system. Surely, even buying a D4 would be cheaper than buying into a Canon system, because if you buy the D4 you only need to buy the body, and even if you would sell all you have today, surly the loss would be huige. Never the less, if you decide to buy a new camera because you want AWB then in my opinion the D800 is best. Not because I have Canon experience or because I think Canon is technically worst, but because the D800 is good enough, it has excellent AWB and you are already familiar with the Nikon, so it would only take a few minutes to start, basically no learning curve and definitely no other gear is necessary to buy with it.

The D800 would be a huge step forward for you in any way and would probably give you better images. It has two different AWB modes, and you can tune each one of them to your taste.

I don't agree with this advice at all.

Which part is it you don't agree with?

Skintones have absolutely nothing to do with WB values. Unless of course your WB is completely off, and so your skintones get affected.

Skin tones and colors are GREATLY affected by WB, if your WB is incorrect the tones and the colors will be wrong.

We need to assume that whatever cameras you are comparing are delivering the correct WB value if you are using AWB.

That is a totally wrong assumption. AWB is just a guesstimate, not an accurate measurement. Different cameras result in different images if you shoot the same scene with them using AWB, unless if the scene is lit up by sunlight or flash, and even so there can be quite a lot of differences.

And btw, canon's AWB isn't perfect either. Try it in warm lighting.

No camera is perfect in AWB, but one camera can deliver more pleasing results than another, assuming it is used with the factory defaults. Once you start tuning your AWB you may get different results even between the same models.

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