Has anyone done a comparison of GX7 and E-M10?

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Re: Has anyone done a comparison of GX7 and E-M10?

dougjgreen1 wrote:

1) Is the IBIS in the Olympus REALLY significantly better than the IBIS in the Panasonic, in real life? I have never seen a comparison made by someone who actually knew what they were doing and also did not have an agenda for promoting one brand over the other. And even if it is, is E-M10's 3-axis IBIS better than Optical IS in the better Panasonic long lenses? Again, where's the actual comparison?

I also want that. Maybe reviewers don't do meaningful tests because the only place one would find the necessary equipment is in a R&D lab of a camera or lens manufacturer. Maybe the lack of rigor is deliberate, so they can support their agenda with an opinion on a matter which counts greatly to some buyers. Maybe doing it right without specialized equipment takes so much time their reviews would appear later than their competitors.

2) Is the EVF of the Olympus really superior to the EVF of the Panasonic? Ignoring the tilt-ability of the Panasonic finder, would the tearing and rainbow effect that some, but not most, reviewers have cited be an actual issue for me in use?

You and I want to know if there is a practical difference. I'm not holding my breath. Reviews drive page views, stating differences without stating degree or consequences drives forum responses and more page views and more click through.

3) How significant is the lack of an electronic shutter in the Olympus? With respect to my G5, I have found certain circumstances where the electronic shutter was an absolute necessity to avoid shutter shock effects, and I don't believe Olympus' delay mechanism is an adequate means of eliminating it if one stumbles upon a body/lens/speed combo that is susceptible to it.

I expect that won't be answered until we see the next version either has or doesn't have an electronic shutter.

I want to buy an em10 now. Too many unanswered questions for that. I think I can wait a few months for the real issues to appear - but it won't be easy.

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