My new DSLR has me appreciating my m43 setup much more

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Re: My new DSLR has me appreciating my m43 setup much more

I'm not a fan of format/brand wars. Size and weight were big considerations for me and the way I generally use cameras. I had an E620 and was really looking at the D7000 and D7. The issue was that even thought eh 620 was among the smallest and lightest SLRs I knew I actually wanted smaller and lighter. My uses are mostly walking around town, travel, hiking. I can throw the E-M5 and a couple of lenses into a day pack and hardly know it's there. Or I can put it and a couple of lenses in a small waist pack and hardly know it's there. I've put body caps on it and stuck a fast prime in a pocket and gone into venues that don't allow "professional cameras." And ungripped body with a prime and no hood is way less conspicuous than an SLR on the street. That can be a disadvantage as well cause sometimes big equipment gets respect. I'd like an SLR with a killer CAF/tracking system for action photography. You have to kind of go old school if shooting action with an E-M5. And if you need the ultimate IQ you should be going FF. Ive lusted after FF cameras but I know they'd end up staying at home or in my trunk a lot. Last weekend we went on a group dog hike. A guy looked at my camera and said, what is that? He said he never took his SLR on these walks because it was just to big and heavy. Different systems have different advantages.

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