Leica T is out, but for who?

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a refreshing change

Daedalus2000 wrote:

I am just letting you know what is the preferred way of communicating in this forum. You are very welcome to contribute but I found your strong tone based on a subjective interpretation of what someone wrote a bit rude actually. If you are interested, keep reading my comments to your comments.

Why did I wrote all these? Because in this forum we value politeness and we are also adults and we can cope with different views, half baked facts and potential trolls. What we can not cope with is rudeness. Also, do not get so upset with people, different people/cultures express themselves with different levels of intensity and assertion. Let's all be friends!

Best, D

I have had variety of digital cameras and as normal, tend to inhabit the forum associated with it. However, in the 12-13 years here on DPR I have noticed a non linear decline in civility. The Nikon FX forum can be pretty uncomfortable place to be.. and there is a lot of shouting.

Most of it is opinion dressed up to be fact.. In many cases the object of having 'any' camera is lost; that of taking photographs.

I also find the 'lower end' of the brand's for a tend to focus on photography and the other 'upper' for a, the gear and minutiae.

I doubt I'll ever have a Leica.. but it certainly a nicer place here.

my 2 cents

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