My new DSLR has me appreciating my m43 setup much more

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Re: My new DSLR has me appreciating my m43 setup much more

Its not quite so straightforward for me,

After 3yrs with my gh2, I am still bowled over by its video capabilities, but I do appreciate the handling, button/dial layout, build quality/ size/weight etc of my aging dslr, when I use it for stills.

Its like coming home to a comfy old pair of slippers, when I use it.

Unfortunately the sensor IQ qualities of my dslr really shows its age above A4 printing, and even the relatively old gh2 is potentially superior at larger print size/crops etc.

Not sure if its because I am a left-eyed shooter, but I still remain frustrated with the cramped layout of my gh2.....during the heat of the action, and I often have to remove my eye from the vf if the need to change certain settings arise {something I never need to do with my dslr}.

Although my old 135 slr film cameras were not much larger than my gh2 {without auto-winders/motor drives attatched}, only the top-plates had dials/buttons were far less cluttered.

However, my present dslr will be my last. A gh3/4 sized body would be more to my liking....further down the road, although i shall remain with my gh2 for video for now {or maybe grab a g6}.

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