Stick with Nikon or Go for the 5DIII ?

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Re: You need to ask an asian, or someone who has used Canon.

Giovanni_1968 wrote:

Ok, then with a Nikon Asians will have a green/yellow cast whilst with a Canon they will look more westerly with Canon's red cast...

Out of the box jpg wise he should stay with Nikon, RAW whatever can be fixed in PP, it doesn't matter color of the skin or where in the world, that's a fact and, again, skin tones wise there is Fuji like it or not!

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Actually, Nikon has an overly magenta cast for caucasians. This means yellow/green cast & magenta cast for asians & caucasians respectively. It has nothing to do with Nikon's lenses, sensor or processing, but a mere choice made by Nikon in the color profile.
 Yes you can use RAW, but it is not just a simple WB, hue, saturation fix. It is a matter at the level of LUT & color matrix.

Fuji? Fuji only solves the problem by delivering images with low saturation, imho. Try upping the saturation of your fuji files.

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