Leica T is out, but for who?

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Re: The cost is of course absurd

But just as the X Vario was the second coming of zoom (I forget who coined that term - it wasn't me), it looks like the first zoom lens for T is the second coming kit zoom (if the term kit-zoom applies).  In other words, no need to stop down for great optical performance.

Alternatives?  Well, a Sony full frame kit with a fast zoom (e.g. one that should perform well when stopped down to 3.5) will go for a comparable cost.  A Pen E-P5 with the 12-40 and VF-4 isn't going to lose a great deal, IQ wise, over the Leica (but the T will make the otherwise well made Pen look/feel cheap and nasty).

Of course, the other camera makers have nothing to fear.  Leica will rake in the profits without affecting the rest of the market.  It's a market in and of itself.

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