Stick with Nikon or Go for the 5DIII ?

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You need to ask an asian, or someone who has used Canon.

The above replies are somewhat ridiculous and IMHO do not seem to respect OP's intent and question.

Let's look at the facts. Nikon is not popular in Asia. I live in Singapore. Most Nikon users accept the fact that Canon gives better skintones out of the box. This does not matter whether you shoot RAW or JPEG. Up north in Malaysia, it is a mix bag, but in Thailand & Vietnam, Canon is the market leader. Go ask them the reason... it is always the skintones. I tell you for a fact that Vietnam & Thailand are very good markets to study since majority of photographers there are involved in portraiture of beautiful girls. Not just models, we are talking about cultures where an amateur photographer can turn a girl on the street into a star in a matter of months. Another good reason; both countries feature women with a wide range of skintones. From indian & malay type dark to paler than japanese type of white. Try talking to the taiwanese, they are very passionate about pretty girls & skintone as well.

Color checker and other chart solutions do not solve a fundamental problem, they give you accurate skintones. What about mixed lighting? Are you sure you want to spend more time correct color in RAW and less time shooting?

Asians like to be deluded with nicer skintone. That often means less yellow, fairer & a little red. Canon discovered the secret sauce to making both asian & caucasian skin look good.

To live with this, I developed my own DNG profiles based on PSKiss cross camera profiles over the last few years.

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