Things I find missing from Nikon 1 V3 (list for Nikon)

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Things I find missing from Nikon 1 V3 (list for Nikon)

- Camera grip needs to allow removal/replacement of camera battery

- Pet Peeve In-camera raw converter along with able to use some of the creative/filter modes (Saw the latest Nikon entry level DSLR now has this.  Chances of Nikon adding this to the J4/V4 line with a firmware upgrade? About nil).

This feature makes even more sense considering the camera can transfer photos to your phone.

Big Kudos to Nikon for being the only company that allows uploading custom JPEG curves (can't remember if Canon does the same with their Taste JPEG uploads though, maybe). Would be nice if they uploaded custom jpeg curves per different RBG channel to create filter effects too.

- Ability when using the "circular" creative mode to pick a favorite camera suggestion, store it in a  custom setting and restore later. The way that circle interface works is the camera cycles depending on the scene to what "it thinks it's cool" - it would be nice to be able to pick a favorite and use that (Q/Q7 have this with the random cross processing function for example)

- Ability to transfer from camera to laptop or computer using Wi-Fi directly. As Thom Hogan very well pointed out.

- Live Histogram (this is less of an issue for me but it can be sometimes nice)

- Pet Peeve - ability to indicate a zone for the AutoFocus points to work on. Right now it's either all AF points or single square. Sometimes I wish I could specify center + adjacent, like a 3x3 grid or a cross with 3x3 size.

- Ability to focus on a small point - can't do. I understand the PDAF points won't be used here but if the camera could fine tune with contrast and Nikon just warn that the AF may be slower.  Sometimes I find the squares the camera can AF at too big.

- No focus peaking when MF, only magnify assist

- Pet peeve - no way to specify focus distance on manual focus.

- There are no custom full camera setting memory recalls in this camera. I find myself not missing them much but in a camera of this level, price and category, I feel this option should be there.

I am posting this as a list for Nikon if they are reading this (I wouldn't be surprise that they do scan the forums), and they do not necessarily represent deal breakers for me.  Please do not take them as "trolling" or "being negative" just a frank discussion of needs/wants compared to other cameras I have used.

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