Stick with Nikon or Go for the 5DIII ?

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Re: Stick with Nikon or Go for the 5DIII ?

lefantian wrote:

Hello everyone~ I'm a wedding and people (mainly newborn) photographer, and I also like to shoot landscape and daily life of family. Currently I'm using the Nikon D3s with several lenses. However, one thing I find struggling is the skintone out of the Nikon D3s always requires some labor (I mainly shoot Asian people, and the customers here do like kind of “pink and a little magenta” skintones rather than yellowish): maybe due to the AWB, and maybe also due to the camera's own color rendering.

I’m considering adding new cameras to my workflow, and the choices are:

A). Stick with Nikon and buy a D800 (with D3s as backup);

I don't know how your D3s renders skin tones but I can tell you that coming off a Fuji S5 and jumping two feet into D800 was a bit disappointing, sure I am happy with operating speed, crazy pixel count, sharpness and so on but even though tweaking the WB a little I never reached the skin tones I got off of my S5 (I have two of those, not using them any longer, one I'd like to sell but the other I will keep forever, when it's about kids nothing beats it!), if you shoot RAW I would stay with Nikon since you already have Nikon gear, Canon does require, as far as I know, to shoot RAW then you can tweak in PP but would it be worth the pain? Better stay where you are, save money and invest the same time in PP with the D800 which is a great piece of equipment.

My concerns are:

1). IS there a big difference between the D800 and 5DIII in skintone rendering? Do Canon users always need to intensively adjust color for a better skintone?

Again, dunno about Canon but why not to try, maybe a test, a Fuji to see what happens? You might end up with a much lighter bag to lug around with and keep your D3s without to have to completely switch to another brand.

Just my two cents

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