Leica T is out, but for who?

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Re: Leica T is out, but for who?

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Your post make me remember a conversation I had in 1979 with a fellow photographer. He saw me using a Leica M4 and asked why I liked it. At that time SLR's were very popular. And asked about dozens of features and I had to answer that M4 did not have them, not even a light meter!No zooms, no motor drive, little flexibility on lenses and I was using very old lenses. I he was not even aware of the price.

He was puzzled by the lack of everything and asked what made me prefer this camera.

I could only answer: Better quality.

I certainly find this an odd statement.   In those days I shot with 3 m-series Leicas and two Canon F1 reflex cameras. In no way did I find that Leicas were "better quality" optically or mechanically.  The F1 body was superb and built like a tank.

I still have a total of four M-series film cameras --- more for nostalgic reasons than anything else.  The only reason I have an M9 is that my rangefinder lenses from the old days work "somewhat well" on the M9 - after spending considerable money to have Leica make them usable on the M9.   Not only that, they cannot make my 90mm F2 Sumimicron work properly and I had to buy the 75mm F2.5 to have a useful short telephoto.

The only thing about the Leica that was definitely superior was the rangefinder focusing.  I shot a lot of theatre and dance and, in the low light, the Leica rangefinder could focus more accurately and quickly than using any of the focus screens on the Canon F1.

It seems that things have not changed in last 35 years. I still use my lenses from the 50's and 60's.

I never met somebody who bought a Leica for its list of better features compared to other cameras (regardless of the model). I did not expect that it would be different for the Leica T.

You asked for who. I pre ordered this camera and a lens today and I rarely spend any money in photographic equipment. Last time I bought a camera was 4 years ago.

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