My new DSLR has me appreciating my m43 setup much more

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Almost means there is still something ;)

Lumixdude wrote:

There's almost nothing an APS-C DSLR can do that Micro Four Thirds can't do except fast moving action shots.

I am not taking sides here, but few points spring to mind

  • availability of specialized dedicated lenses, as for portraits, macro, etc. After all f/1.4 on APS-C (with AF) is not what f/1.8 on mFT is. Or 18-35/1.8 on APS-C is not what the closest (and heaviest) FT f/2 on mFT is. Same as 150mm macro (with AF) is not what 60mm macro on mFT is, and so on.
  • closer integration to the larger (FF) system, should one chose to upgrade later on. Same lenses can be re-used on FF, as they are not tied to one size only.
  • as you said, dSLRs are faster, especially when acquiring fast focus on one tiny detail (say eyelashes, or butterfly's head while it is flipping her wings, etc,)

So may not seem like a big deal, or what is of any interest to you, but it is there.

My E-PL5 is absolutely tiny and fits in the palm of my hand and yet it fits some very serious lenses.

Which is bonus also, if you travel light, and do not want heavier and bulkier stuff around your neck, you can always chose a smaller lens, and enjoy your day walking :-). If this is for less dedicated photography, I agree, mFT in quite many cases can simply be a better choice than APS-C dSLR cameras.

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