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Has anyone tried a Metabones Speed Booster adapter on a Fujifilm X body? Has anyone compared images using the speed booster v normal adapter? I'm considering buying speed booster to use my canon lenses on my X-T1

I use the Speedbooster exclusively. The lenses I use are Nikon Ai/S lenses. It works well enough, but the problem isn't the glass or the adapter, it's that your automatically indexing SLR lenses have to be used stopped down, which when used in conjunction with strobes in dark situations causes the EVF to chop to hell, or you to have to shoot wide open.

Handling of SLR lenses and even rangefinder lenses isn't great on a mirrorless camera. It works, but never ever resembles the fluidity and ease/speed of the same lenses on their original mounts. If you can live with those (somewhat massive caveats) go for it. I love the Speedbooster.

I partially agree with the comment about stop down metering... it does require a bit of adapating your process, which may be cumbersome to you. I don't know how the canon lenses stop down manually. With my contax lenses, I have manual aperture control, and yes I have to stop down to f8 if that's what I want to shoot at with strobes in the studio. The EVF does get a bit grainy and less fluid on the xt1 with so little light coming through, but I've found that even the low level illumination provided by modeling lamps is more than sufficient. In fact, the EVF automatically brightens in those dark situations, which actually makes low light manual focus easier than I ever found with the optical viewfinder. The greater difficulty comes not from low light but more from depth of field issues; when focusing at f8, nothing ever really "pops" into focus like it does at f2.8.
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Indeed, in the studio, the effect is hardly a put off, but in non-modelling situations, it is hard. I shot the X-T1 and Speedbooster with fast Nikkor Ai 50/2 glass at a recent event at the british embassy and found that the EVF stuttered horribly even at F2 unless in very good light. We are years from being able to replace a GOOD OVF. Even my wife's D5000 is more contrasty and easier to focus the wide-open 50mm F2 for 'good enough' sharpness than the X-T1, primarily because it isn't resolution dependent.

Lenses that pop into focus on decent and even poor OVFs don't pop into focus on EVFs and need separate focusing aids. You can get 100% sharpness from the EVF, but it never is as fast or as practical in real-life situations. In five years, that may not be the case. Even in very dark settings, we may get 120 fps and have EVF resolution that the eye cannot fathom. Until then, the EVF is a remarkable tool that works when you have the time for it, but isn't ready for anything but very easy prime time.

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